Ultra-Compact Stone

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Ultra-Compact Stone

Newer to the US market is ultra-compact stone. It is formed from a process involving heat and high pressure, mimicking the process of natural stone formations deep in the earth's crust. This material uses natural powders and minerals to create a durable and versatile surface and allows us to forego the use of resins. Weather- and sun-resistance, ease of cleaning, and usability inside and outdoors makes it an innovative product for the home.

Key Characteristics of Ultra-compact Counters


Various blends of natural powders and minerals


Unlikely to scorch, scratch, or stain


Not necessary, sealed all around


$$$$-$$$$$ out of 5

Able to Repair?


Compare Ultra-Compact surfaces to Quartz, Laminate, Solid Surface, and butcher's block natural wood.



Popular Ultra-Compact Countertop Brands


We offer a variety of Ultra-Compact colors from the following manufacturer: