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Laminate Countertops by maxwell counters

Maxwell Counters has installed laminate countertops in Central Illinois homes & businesses for many years. Our reliable installation & service guarantee shows our customers that we truly care about them. We want them to be the hero because they selected the right countertop for their home, all under a budget that worked best for their family. Whether it’s a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, or just wanting to update the look & feel of your countertops, you can trust Maxwell Counters today!


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What are Laminate Countertops?

Interestingly enough, laminate countertops are made mostly from a combination of plastic and paper. These parts are thinly layered together and laminated to a particleboard or chip board before being colored with textured or natural designs.


One potential downside to laminate countertops is they are very difficult, if not impossible, to repair once scratched or chipped. The way that they are constructed leads them to be resistant to repairs, causing a less than flattering appearance until being replaced. When cleaning your laminate countertop, be sure to never use steel wool or to let bleach sit on the surface for too long, both will seriously harm the surface & coloration of the countertop. Only use dish soap with a soft cloth when needing to clean any laminate surface.


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Why Choose a Laminate Countertop for Your Kitchen?

Laminate countertops are preferred in remodeling & new home construction projects in large part due to their affordability. In addition to being very cost effective, there is a wide range of colors, patterns, & edge profiles. This allows apartment complexes and home builders to have a variety of options to choose from when needing to provide variety & customization to their projects.


In addition to the cost savings and a wide range of options, laminate countertops are also very easy to install. While a professional countertop installer still needs to be the one installing, you may realize savings in labor costs as the job can often go by quicker than another countertop material may.  


Formica Laminate

Often thought of and referred to as a type of laminate countertops, Formica Laminate Countertops are actually a brand of laminate countertops that has become almost synonymous with the laminate countertop industry! The specific Formica laminate is the company’s classic product, a heat-resistant, wipe-clean, plastic laminate of paper or fabric with melamine resin. More on the history and development of Formica Laminate can be found here (Wikipedia).


Cost of Laminate

Laminate is almost always the cheapest option for countertops when performing a remodel or installing a new kitchen. While most retail stores may be around $45-50 / linear foot, there are certain factors that will influence the price. Will it have a “self” or a “beveled” edge? How many corners are there in the project? Do you want a large block with lots of surface area? Do you want a built-in backsplash? Do you want a standard or an upgraded finish? Answers to any of these questions can greatly influence the final cost of the countertops compared to the most basic standard options. We would always recommend you speak with a professional countertop installer to discuss your potential preferences, budget, & options. 


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