Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL

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Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL


Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL


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Creating a special countertop for your kitchen from conception to building is no easy task. Professionals have had years of experience working with the best combinations of material and technique to achieve the right countertop design for a kitchen. As manufacturers add features to their products, expert installers also have more to offer. For example, solid surface countertops in Springfield, IL are best provided by a reputable firm known in the community for a long time to deliver quality work. Maxwell Counters is proud to have served Springfield and Central IL by designing and installing quality solid surface countertops. If you are in need of an excellent centerpiece for your kitchen, then this is the company to turn to for excellent products and services.


Maxwell Counters in Springfield, IL specializes in the fabrication, installation, and maintenance of different kinds of materials for countertops, from natural stones to solid surface. We always strive to provide the highest level of customer service. Therefore, we believe that it is important to maintain a great reputation and to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. On this basis, we offer a wide range of services to all types of customers, ranging from the homeowner to the commercial contractors. With our solid surface countertops, you can enhance the enjoyment of your home and increase its value. The unique grain and natural color patterns of this material can highlight not only the kitchen but any area of your home. 




Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL
Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL


Choosing Solid Surface for Countertops


Many contractors may recommend solid surface, which is synthetically produced from polyester and acrylic, among the different materials that can be used to build beautiful and durable countertops. In addition, many experts use solid surface countertops because they can be used in any place where a countertop is needed: kitchens, bathrooms, showers, foyers, and others. Furthermore, because this countertop is so durable and easy to clean, it is sometimes preferred in commercial applications. Moreover, since a solid surface is synthetically produced, it can come in a wide range of colors. They can be finished in either a matte or polished look. The beauty of this material can make people think that it is natural stone.


Another major benefit of using solid surface countertops is that they are almost seamless. Because of the manufacturing process of these countertops, they can be fitted together very closely and then sanded to remove any visible seam. Solid surface countertops are also extremely durable, and unlike natural stone, they can be repaired when scratched or chipped. Other benefits in terms of durability include very low-maintenance, easy to clean, and stain and bacteria resistance. However, although they are heat resistant, they can be damaged by high temperatures, so owners must use hot pads when placing pots and pans on this type of counter. Overall, solid surface countertops are an excellent choice.


Your Provider of Quality Solid Surface Countertops in Springfield, IL


Maxwell Counters is the right company to turn to for solid surface countertops in Springfield, IL. We take pride in our people, equipment, partner manufacturers, and excellent record of customer satisfaction. We can make our solid surface countertops perfectly suit the existing interior design of your home, business, or kitchen. At Maxwell Counters, we believe in combining a superior material with an investment in our employees and technology to ensure that clients always gain first class products and services. When you come to us to consult your latest construction project, we take a systematic approach so that each step can result in better understanding for what works for your kitchen. This plays a major role in the project outcome later on.


Maxwell Counters is your provider of solid surface countertops.

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