Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL

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Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL


Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL


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Whether you are building your new home or remodeling your kitchen or bath, you can consider upgrading your countertop so that it can be more beautiful and your kitchen can be more appealing. Solid surface countertops in Peoria, IL are materials that are growing fast in popularity because of the benefits that they bring to a kitchen in terms of both beauty and performance. These countertops can be ideally used for different surfaces in rooms in residential and commercial locations. In addition, different kinds of solid surfaces can provide a variety of options to project owners. For example, polyester-based solid surface counters are cheaper but are considered inferior to newer acrylic-based counters. Some brands such as Staron are 100% acrylic, whereas others such as Formica might be either acrylic or polyester.


In Peoria IL, one of the fastest growing countertop and solid surface companies serving homeowners, contractors, architects, and interior designers is here to provide you with quality products that will last a lifetime. For more than 30 years, Maxwell Counters has worked hard to fabricate, deliver, and install trusted names of this material, which include Corian, Hi-Macs, Livingstone, and Wilsonart SS. We also work with other different materials for countertops such as laminate and quartz to ensure that we can offer our customers a variety of options for them to choose from. At Maxwell Counters, we value creativity, product quality, and service excellence. In this way, not only do we install a great product, we also build a lasting relationship.




Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL
Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL Solid Surface Countertops in Peoria, IL


What to expect


Why Solid Surface Countertops?


As their name implies, solid surface countertops are built solid all throughout the expanse of the countertop, as opposed to other materials such as granite, which has holes and crevices where cracking and other strength issues may start. In addition, solid surface counters come in a wide range of colors and finishes. You can turn your vision into a reality by customizing the look to match your kitchen. The manufacturing process of solid surface makes these counters appear almost entirely seamless. They can fit together closely and can be sanded once installed to reduce the visibility of seams. This means that you get a clean look across your countertop surfaces, regardless of shape or size.


Furthermore, solid surface countertops are durable. These countertops are a great option if you want a low-maintenance surface. They are easy to clean and do not allow bacteria to thrive because they are non-porous surfaces. This feature also makes these countertops waterproof, so you do not have to worry about water damage near sinks. Also, solid surface countertops resist stains and are impact-resistant. Unlike natural stone options, they can also be easily repaired if needed. You won't need to worry about replacing the whole slab in case of damage to a small part. Seamless patches can be used and sanding can be done for visible scratches. This ability means that your counters will be a lifetime investment.


Quality Solid Surface Counters in Peoria, IL


In Peoria IL, Maxwell Counters is the company that can help you install quality solid surface counters in Peoria IL. Our passion is reflected in our consistent commitment to the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. We employ the philosophy of total quality management to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and that our professionals operate in the most efficient and productive manner possible. In addition, we also offer different edges for our solid surface countertops, including top and bottom bevels, 1/4" radius top and bottom, bullnoses, waves, half-staff beads and many others.


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